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1. What are your top 3 fave songs right now?

Pinkzebra - Larger than life
Pinkzebra - Walk through life
Jessie J - Nobody’s perfect (Netsky remix)

2. What do you do when you’re feeling down?

Cry. listen to sad music. sleep

3. Do you like to be outside or prefer inside the house?

I like being inside.. but I also like going out when the sun is shining because it has a positive feel

4. Do you believe in girl-boy friendship?

I had girl-boy friendship when I was little.. even though the boy “was in love” with me (we were like 8. lol) but I still believe~

5. Do you curse around your parents?

Noo..I never curse! (only in my head).. except words like shit or something like this..which are more common

6. When was the last time you danced?

I danced with my boyfriend on my cousin’s wedding!! (May 10) *blush* Other than that..I sometimes move to music but I don’t really consider it dancing

7. Can you cook me a three-course meal? What would you prepare for me? ;w;

Ffffhhh..I’ll try.. I’ll make you alphabet soup (csomagolt Dr. Oetkeres vagy mi a márkája xD) then mashed potatoes with grilled chickenlegs.. as for dessert, mashed chestnuts with whipped cream.. mmmh delicious

8. Do you have any stupid/funny habit?

I always check if my spoon+fork+knife+plate is absolutely spotless before starting a meal ;www; Everybody hates it but for me it’s very important.

9. You’re in the cinema, want to watch that goddamn movie, but the motherfrickers behind you are so noisy - what would you do; let them be~ they will calm down as the movie goes on, or turn around and tell them directly to stfu?

I’ll wait.. unitl they shut the full cup. I don’t like conflicts.

10. If you could be a celebrity what type would you want to be? (i mean, a singer, musician, or a tv show celebrity, maybe a famous fashion designer, or a well-known writer, etc.)

Famous artist!! xD like dA artist..who gets lot of commissions ;www;

11. You had an awful day; you look like a poop - tired eyes with huge undereye-bags, messy hair, dead-pale colour, but you see your ultimate bias on the street! The same street you are taking!! They are just chilling alone but they seem to be approachable for a photo/sign/small talk - do you have the nerve to go to them - who care about looks when they aRE THERE IN FRONT OF YOU!? or you just creeping them from the distance taking as many photos as you can (and cursing god for why is it have to be today)?

I would approach them anyway. YOLO

questions for u:

1  Would you rather date someone who already has experiences or someone who is totally new and untouched? Why?

2  What is your favourite memory so far? (what comes to your mind first)

3 Do you like speaking or texting more?

4 What is your guilty pleasure?

5 Do you think we own our things or the things own us? (If you wanted to reduce your belongings to 15 things..could you?)

6 Do you help strangers?

7 Are you enjoying your life?

8 How often do you listen to music?

9 How many people do you feel close with? 

10 Are you afraid of changes? Is it important to you that something lasts forever? (it could be anything. friendship/love/work place/ideal weight/motivation etc.) 

11 Beach! Cold water or hot water? (a summer question)

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the struggle of wanting to message someone but knowing that person will never message you back

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idk i really like being called cute but i also really like hearing that you masturbate to the thought of me idk


that shitty feeling when you wanna go out & be social, but once you’re out, all you wanna do is be back at home